A Heartfelt Welcome

This is where I get to talk about myself...which honestly makes me a little shy...so, I'll keep it short & sweet. I have a background in architecture and interior design by education, but photography by choice and passion. I held my first camera at 14 and never set it down. The world looks so beautiful, alive and cinematic through the viewfinder something that is a challenge to capture but magical when it happens. I love music, design, great food, and travel. My interests and background influence how I see the moments that pass in front of me and through my lens. I love the beautiful things a wedding day presents whether it's the small details of a gorgeous gown or the way a couple smiles at and with each other.
- Nate

Why I do what I do

I am first and foremost, however, a husband to my wonderful wife, a father to my two amazing children, and a son of incredible parents. I am a brother, an uncle and a friend. It's these connections that make me appreciate what I get to do for my couples & clients. I'm keenly aware that these connections are important to you too...they are your family, friends...loved ones. They have helped shape who you are as mine has for me. Ultimately it's not about me and more about the wonderful people that I try to capture enjoying these momentous and special times together in their lives. It really is an honor and privilege to be a part of it all and I would love to be part of your day too.

Why J&N Studios

After photographing hundreds of events over ten years, I still love capturing the beautiful moments & people that a wedding day presents. I view my couples as my biggest source of inspiration. The more I get to know them, their relationship, and the vision they have for their day, the more I feel inspired and in-tune with the event. This always results in personal, unique and timeless images.  I also pride myself on giving the best wedding day experience I can. To achieve this it takes planning and communication and a true collaboration with my couples. As the professional, I give insight and direction on getting the very best out of their photography investment. Given that I work with many couples for a year or more from start to finish, I want the relationship with them to be one of the best parts of their wedding experiences. We are one of the most established veterans of the Metro Detroit wedding photography industry. Formerly known as Jess & Nate studios, Jessica now works on all things website/social media while Nate is the main photographer & contact of the studio.